Posted by: benk1988 | November 10, 2009

More Job Cuts At British Banks

Lloyds have announced today that they are going to cut a further 5,000 jobs, not the top brass or those collecting their massive Christmas bonuses, no it’s those that are seen as supplementary to requirement. Admittedly, some 2,400 of those jobs will be temporary staff but those are the age brackets and backgrounds that have been hit hardest by the rocketing numbers of unemployment. With the number of those seeking worker higher than in most peoples living memory the news of yet more cuts is certainly not going to be a welcome one with Christmas just round the corner.

Considering the fact that 43% of the Lloyds group is owned by the taxpayers many of them will feel betrayed knowing that many of the big bosses of the bank will be collecting ludicrous end of year sweeteners. All the various sectors are being effected with 940 jobs going from their insurance arm.

So, many more people will be searching the job columns now and even more will be concerned at the risk to their own jobs with the holiday season approaching and stockings needing filling.


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