Posted by: benk1988 | November 15, 2009

The True Cause That Is Afghanistan

Another week roles past and more lives are lost. More men and women of our armed forces are killed at the hands of the Taliban and more families lives are ruined. The media will exclaim, ‘too much!’ the Tories that ‘we have had enough,’ and the public will cry ‘bring our boys home.’ It is tragic.

It is tragic that the country that raised these brave men and women are betraying their memory by claiming that the cause that they fight for is, for want of a better term, pointless. The fact remains, whether it is a nice one or not, that these brave people were soldiers, they signed up and were trained to fight on the front line. That is not to take anything away from their sacrifice or their selflessness, however let us remember why we are in the gulf. Perhaps less Iraq but certainly in the case of Afghanistan, the people, the law abiding, peace seeking mass populous were robbed of any and all freedoms. Denied the right to express feelings, women denied the right to an education and children denied the right to play in the street. Is this a nice war? No of course not, but what wars are?

We have just remembered as a nation the sacrifice that many millions of this country’s brave men made in defiance of tyranny and oppression. They laid down their lives to give me the right to write this today, they laid down their lives so that people could feel safe from censorship and not have to worry that they would be kidnapped in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Yet now it appears we do not care for this. We have forgotten as we take it for granted. The men and women fighting in the gulf are fighting for exactly the same reasons. Ok perhaps not on the same scale but does it make a difference if 100 people are denied freedom as opposed to a million, does it make a difference if one woman is told she can not attend school as opposed to a thousand? It makes no difference what so ever, an injustice remains an injustice and a just cause remains a just cause.

This doesn’t make the burden any easier to bear, it doesn’t make it any easier for a mother to accept a folded flag in exchange for her sons life, but it does matter. It may be a war of political aspirations and personal gain for those in office but do you honestly think it is for those bleeding in the battle field. They still see the children that have never had a street safe enough to play in and talk to the farmers forced to grow opium as opposed to wheat to feed his family with.

800,000 British souls were ended or wounded in WWII and the current death toll in Afghanistan stands at 223, admittedly there is a clear and obvious difference yet the cause remains the same. For those that argue Hitler wanted to wipe out an entire religion as opposed to the Taliban ‘merely’ wanting to domiante a region, do you not think they would do the same, were they in a position to pursue this goal? The fact is whether we like it or not, brave British boys and girls have been sacrificing their lives in the name of freedom for hundreds of years and they will continue to do so. Each life lost is a new tragedy, not just because it traumatises a home but because that loss was needed in the first place, that a death is necessary to show the world that the way it treats each other is important.

Confucious once said ‘In a country well governed poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed wealth is something to be ashamed of.’ This is very true with the wars we are fighting today. Whether or not you agree with the fact that Britain, America and their allies are in the gulf the fact remains that for the average civilian their they are more free now than perhaps they have ever been, yes there is still trouble and yes people are still dying but that is the sacrifice that has to be made in the pursuit of freedom and it is one that British men and women have always been prepared to make, no matter what the cost.

This nation has too long a history of imposing its feelings and authority over other states and now we are having to address it. It is not easy, it is often awful and normally tragic if such a juxta-position can exist but one thing it is, is right and just.


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