Posted by: benk1988 | November 15, 2009

Week 2 Winol Round-Up

With week two of WINOL complete I feel that it was a vast improvement on last week. Right from the outset this week’s production had a better atmosphere and this started right from the news meeting on Monday. With last week’s news conference slightly low on stories, I was concerned that we would face similar issues this week. However the number of stories and the fact that we already had stories in the can, impressed me and made the whole episode seem somewhat more relaxed. The news meeting was conducted in a far more structured manner this week and seemed to be completed far quicker despite the fact that there were a lot more people in attendance. This meant that the news team could focus more on chasing up stories they had and editing material they had already gathered and less on looking for new stories. This lead in turn to a far more efficient team and news room. My one reservation from the news meeting however was the deadlines set on packages. It seemed clear to me that some of the deadlines set were clearly never going to be met and this is something that I really think needs addressing. Even if a buffer is built in so missing the deadline is not the end of the world, it is bad practise and we need to ensure that the deadlines set are completely concrete. Going into Tuesday the newsroom seemed fairly quiet and as of that time there were no major problems forseen. The only concern was the fact that we would be recording our two packages to lead the bulletin at 11am on Wednesday due to the nature of the pieces. This meant that we would need to get the teams back to the news room and edit in time to hand over to the production department before the bulletin at 4pm. With regards to my own role in the team I feel that I had a very productive week. I have logged the website as a registered business in several local web based directories. Further to this I contacted SU President Jimmy Weighell about a potential live broadcast and arranged a meeting about that on Tuesday. The meeting went well and I got a clear indication of how relations between the Student Union and WINOL would work this year. He didn’t think a live broadcast from BOP would be workable due to the usual drunken goings on associated with BOP however did feel that a broadcast of the Children in Need activities on Friday would work. I am still waiting to hear back from Jimmy with more news. Further to this the newspapers began being delivered to the University this week so we now get papers, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I also began looking at promotional material and banners for the first live broadcast. However I am doubtful that the University will pay for us to get a banner made even though the prices were lower than I anticipated. The ongoing problem with the loan counter remains as they seem reluctant to permit us to use the TV studio even when it is not in use. Not only this but they seem to feel that we are rude to ask, this is an issue that needs to be addressed as is the current problem with getting access to a camera. However short of buying more equipment I do not see how this issue could be resolved. On Wednesday the news room was obviously a hive of activity and slowly but surely everything began slotting into place. This was mainly due to the fact that the packages were ready far earlier this week than last. With the exception of the two Armistice Day pieces that were being edited till 3pm due to the fact that they could only be filmed that day, everything else was ready to go. This is not to say that it all went smoothly, we again had issues with the script and running order and the dressing of the set definetly has to be addressed. Save for a few individual mistakes the bulletin went well, far better than last week. There are still many things we need to improve on, obviously, however I am very pleased with the improvement. Going in to this week’s bulletin the work is going to be even harder, the website has been transferred over to and the bulletin will be going out at 5 on Wednesday regardless of how it looks. It’s going to involve a lot of hard work but i’m confident we can produce a good news programme.


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